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Web-based cross-platform

C++ web-based cross-platform CoatiFrame  - HTTP or HTTPS server - Support for Linux, Windows, Raspbian and Mac OS X - No 3rd party library dependency!

CoatiFrame is a web-based cross platform developed in C++.

The goal of CoatiFrame is to provide a common user interface which is independent from the operating system. CoatiFrame extendeds your project by a compact https-server framework or http-server framework, which is currently based only on the C++ standard libraries and doe's not depend on any other libraries. CoatiFrame uses the interactive capabilities of WEB browsers as a graphical interface. Some important features are:
  • ► HTTP or HTTPS server
  • ► command handler for POST and GET
  • ► dynamic command lists
  • ► XHTML documents can be directly mapped into a C++ class hierarchy
  • ► utilities to manipulate XHTML objects
  • ► session mapping
  • ► language mapping
  • ► Multi client server
  • ► Manipulation of SVG archives
  • ► Creating of movable widgets in the browser interface

Depending on your needs, the cross-platform CoatiFrame as a simple HTTP server or HTTPS server can provide documents of your project or expand your project to an interactive visualization if necessary. This gives your project a flexible and remotely operated interface. The visual design is defined by simple XHTML documents.

CoatiFrame's clear class structure allows an easy integration without extensive requirements in almost every C++ project, if the compiler used complies with the C++ standard as far as possible.

Based on C++ standard libraries and Linux, Windows, Raspbian or Mac OS X provided TCP/IP socket communication CoatiFrame provides an easy integration into your program solution.

  • The server handels https using OpenSSL/TLS!
  • Important: The CoatiFrame framework are functionally offline and online! This means that no active internet connection must be provided when using CoatiFrame framework applications - even if they are browser based.

Software example info (The Game):

Operating system
Raspberry PI-Linux arm32, Linux 64-bit, Windows(32bit), Windows(64bit)
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