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MJPG Stream Wrapper

Lepus - for all web browsers - Windows, Raspbian or Linux - No install! Free Download!

If your browser does not support MJPG streams directly or there are other circumstances which will not allow to switch to other protocols you will have some problems to get the stream MJPG visualized. Lepus might help.

An MJPG stream is converted into a representation of successive JPG images. JPG images are supported by nearly every browser and therefore due to that small detour MJPEG streams become available too.

Lepus connects to the passed through URL and evaluates as a client the MJPG stream. The stream is broken down by Lepus into its single images. Lepus itself is also a web server, which can now provide each frame individually. For this purpose a small website will be made available and loaded, which is autonomously reloading the images.

Furthermore, a current picture could also be accessed by any other web client. Port and path can be configured.


Start Lepus and follow the information on the page shown in your default browser. For the command line options, refer the README file.

Screenshot - Software Lepus:


Software info:

Operating system
Windows(32bit), Windows(64bit), Raspberry PI-Linux arm32, Linux 64-bit
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