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Library for data transfer and MJPG Stream Wrapper UARU

Uaru - Library for data transfer (protocols HTTP and FILE) and MJPG Stream Wrapper - For Windows, Raspbian or Linux - Free Download!

Download or upload of data, which is for many just a click in the browser and save to the disk. It's simple, it works. There is thus no need for a new software. Really?

The download or upload of data is only so seemingly effortlessly as you work in a browser and this provides the solution for the little problem. If you make your own software project that tries something similar, you have to cope with many challenges, which are given by the internet protocols.

Uaru allows anyone to confront these challenges and allows to devote yourself to the real content of your project. All one has to do is add uaru.h and the suitable library to your own project.

Easier than Uaru it can't work - an example is sufficient:

In order to download a page or reading a file, you only need three functions:

UARU ConnectURL(const char* url, ...);

UARUState GetData(const UARU pdsd, char* buffer, size_t& buffersize);

void DisconnectUARU(const UARU pdsd);

For the protocols HTTP and FILE Uaru is ready for download. There follow HTTPS, FTP and the server/client Coatithree (an object-oriented approach to transfer objects between programs).

Uaru is developed in C++ does not require third-party software.

Software info:

Operating system
Windows(32bit), Windows(64bit), Raspberry PI-Linux arm32, Linux 64-bit
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