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Mini HTTP server CoatiOne

Mini HTTP server CoatiOne - Mini web server configurable (HTTP/PHP/CGI/Perl) - Compatible with Linux, Windows and Raspbian - Portable - Requires no installation - session handling - Free download!

CoatiOne is a free http-server software programmed in C++, developed for Linux, Raspbian or Windows, which uses the CoatiFrame Framework as a base. It is a mini-web server that allows you to publish your locally created websites without much effort. This means that the web server is ideal for testing.

CoatiOne needs no installation. The executable file can be copied, for example, into the root path of the Create WEB project and be started from there.

CoatiOne always takes the current path as the root of the web project.

New version: with support of session handling.


PHP itself is not part of CoatiOne. It will be used only if it was installed on the computer before.


  • Start the application "coatione" in your web project root directory.
  • Watch your WEB project under "localhost: 8000" or "" (depending on browser).

++++++To see the message output of the server on a Linux system you will need to open a terminal on your project path. Type ./coatione to start the program and use Ctrl +c or for XCoatione type q to terminate it.++++++

Software info:

Operating system
Raspberry PI-Linux arm32, Linux 64-bit, Windows(32bit), Windows(64bit)
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