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Mini web server configurable Coatitwo

CoatiTwo - Mini web server configurable (supporting SSL/TLS - HTTP/PHP - session handling/CGI/Perl) - Portable (USB) - Compatible with Linux, Windows and Raspbian - Requires no installation - Free download!

CoatiTwo is a free http oder https-server software programmed in C++ and developed for Linux, Windows and Raspbian which uses the CoatiFrame Framework as a base. You can use the CoatiTwo as a mini server to access your WEB sites as well as an interface to connect other programs by CGI (Common Gateway Interface).

New version of Coatitwo is online: with support of session handling, even a faster version than the previous one.

CoatiTwo requires no special installation and can be accessed from anywhere. The current directory ist the place where the config file is expected.

There is no special installation path.

This means, it could also be provided on a USB stick.


The HTTP-server coatitwo starts up and opens on a server port, if no config coatitwo.xml with other information is present.

The HTTPS-server coatitwo_ssl starts up and opens on a HTTP server port, if no config coatitwo.xml with other information is present.

The HTTPS address, port, certificate, and key must be defined in the config coatitwo.xml.

++++++To see the message output of the server on a Linux system you will need to open a terminal on your project path. Type ./coatitwo to start the program and use Ctrl + c or for XCoatitwo type q to terminate it.++++++

Important: Replace the certificate and key by own ones. The packed examples are public and do not offer any real security. Do not store the certificate or key into any WEB accessible folder.



The server expects in the coatitwo.xml the cgi-bin root path definition, which is set in the example config to "cgi-bin/".

All cgi scripts are expected therefore in that folder relative to the starting folder. If this is set empty, no cgi-bin processing is offered.

PHP scripts are expected in the HTML-path. If a PHP request was detected (the requested page terminates by .php), the program tries to start 'php-cgi'. If this was successfully, the result is sent to the browser.


PHP itself is not part of CoatiTwo. It will be used only if it was installed on the computer before.

New: CoatiTwo DLL

CoatiTwo Library - DLL/SSL with configurable mini web server.

CoatiTwo is completely configurable and for free!

Software info:

Operating system
Raspberry PI-Linux arm32, Linux 64-bit, Windows(32bit), Windows(64bit)
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